What is a Brand Strategy Session?

This offers you a chance to work with me in a 90 minute one-to-one video call where we will tackle your particular challenge. Your session will be completely customized to your specific business goals and audience to help us craft a strategy and action plan that feels achievable for you. I will share tips, tricks, tools and resources that will offer you clear guidance and support.

What we can do during your Brand Strategy Session

Identify Opportunities: We can discuss ways you can bring your Story to life, and the channels through which you can share it, to help you decide which will work best for you, your audience, and your goals.

Content Audit: We can review your existing content to identify opportunities for improvement, refinement or optimization based on your particular goals.

Establish Content Themes and a Content Calendar: We can explore repeatable content themes and a publishing schedule. This will help you manage your time as you can batch your content creation and deliver regular content to your audience.

Brainstorm: We can spend the time brainstorming together to produce a dozen (or dozens) of new content ideas to refresh your Content plan for weeks or months.

Create A Channel-Specific Strategy: We can create or refine a plan to help you begin creating content on a new platform, one specifically targeting your ideal

Setting and Measuring Content Goals: We can work together to set or refine content goals, discuss content evaluation processes and tools, and establish key performance indicators.

Address Content Challenges: We can use the time like a private Q&A, where I can answer your content questions, review content, refine existing strategy, suggest tools, and more.

Questions & Next Steps: I’ll answer your questions and share some helpful resources to guide you as you continue on your content journey, including websites, thought leaders, podcasts and courses and more.